How to Vastly Improve the Accessibility of the Divi Slider Module with Pure CSS

Divi slider with white background for dot navigation

Out of the box, the Divi Slider Module has many gross accessibility violations. The keyboard control is poor because you can’t see what you’re selecting as you’re tabbing through the navigation controls. And, the dot and arrow navigation symbol contrast can be bad. For an example of an accessible slider, check out W3C’s demo. In … Read more

Oxygen vs. Divi: Which WordPress Builder Is Best?

Divi vs. Oxygen Builder

Divi is one of the most popular drag-and-drop WordPress builder themes out there today. As a long time Divi user myself, I was super excited (and envious) when I learned about some of the killer features of Oxygen, a newer WordPress builder that claims to create fast bloat-free code. After building a couple of sites … Read more

Fix the WordPress Divi Contact Form Error “Please refresh the page and try again”

On one of my sites, my Divi contact form worked great on desktop but someone told me it didn’t work on mobile. Sure enough, they were right! On my iPhone, I got this message after submitting the form: “Please refresh the page and try again.” In French, the error is “Veuillez actualiser la page et … Read more

The Easiest Way to Make Your WordPress Divi Accordion Module Start Out Closed

Divi Accordion with all items closed!

Many people who use the WordPress Divi Accordion Module want it to start out closed by default. Every WordPress client I have who uses the Divi Accordion has asked for it, and there are many people online asking about it. The way it works now is that the first element of the accordion defaults to open, … Read more