How to Have More Columns in Divi, Vertically Aligned

Elegant Themes already has a blog post entitled “How to Add More Columns to Your Divi Builder Posts or Pages” which shows how to add more columns to your Divi theme. Currently, the builder maxes out at 6 columns.

The blog article’s method works fine if your modules are all equal height as shown in the example.

But, I had a situation (which is pretty common), where I wanted to have more than six columns of logos of varying height horizontally. When I used the blog’s method, the logos were not centered vertically. I did a -50% Y-axis offset to fix that, but then on mobile the logos didn’t float left correctly due to the difference in heights, and the layout was messed up.

The Solution

Here’s a simple solution to add more columns, center them vertically, and avoid the float problems. I’ll use the example of nine columns, but you can easily extend it to more using the width percentage numbers in the blog article.

First, set up your Divi modules as one big column as described in the Elegant Themes blog article. Then, add the desired CSS class to the row. In my case, I used “nine-columns”. Don’t add any of their CSS code though.

Next, in your custom CSS file or WP CSS editor, apply “text-align:center” to that CSS class like this:

.nine-columns {
    text-align: center;

Then, apply the corresponding percentage width to the modules (11.11% for nine columns in my case; see the Elegant Themes blog article for other widths). Instead of floating the modules, make them inline-block and apply vertical alignment as follows:

.nine-columns .et_pb_module {
    width: 11.11%; 
    vertical-align: middle;
    display: inline-block;

You can vertically-align them any way you want. I needed them to be centered vertically.

Then, adjust the widths for mobile as desired. This is what I did:

@media all and (max-width: 980px) {
    .nine-columns .et_pb_module {
        width: 33.3%;

The result is a nine-column centered row of logos that looks like this on desktop (11.11% width for each module):

Nine-column centered row in Divi
Nine-column vertically-centered row in Divi

On mobile, it looks like this since I used 33.3% width:

Nine-column row on mobile
Nine-column row on mobile

How to fix the missing bottom margin on the last section

There is one last trick I need to tell you about though. Divi thinks these modules are in one huge column as shown in the editor:

Modules in Divi editor
Modules as they appear in Divi editor

Divi’s CSS removes the margin of the last element, so as to not have double margins at the bottom of the stack.

That’s fine if they were actually displayed in one column, but that messes things up for our purposes, resulting in the last logo being lower than the rest.

To fix that, you can see that I’ve added a dummy Code module at the end. In that module’s custom CSS, I have:

display: none !important;

That does the trick. Divi removes the bottom margin of this dummy element instead of our logo.

Any questions? Please comment below. Let me know if this worked for you! – Brian


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