How to Easily Transfer a SiteGround Website to a Different SiteGround Account

It’s not commonly known, but it’s super easy to move a website hosted on SiteGround to another SiteGround account. You do not need to do a traditional migration of files and the database! If your DNS is at SiteGround, it takes only a few clicks in fact!

If your DNS isn’t at SiteGround, you should make sure you have access to the DNS records in case you need to change the @-record IP address before starting.

How To Do It

  1. Log into the SiteGround account of the site you want to transfer.
  2. Go to Websites, then find the website you want to transfer and click Manage.
  3. Click the three-dot “kebab” icon at the end and select Transfer Ownership:
SiteGround Transfer Ownership
Click the kebab menu icon then select “Transfer Ownership”
  1. When prompted, specify the account that you want to move the site to.
  2. The transfer should only take a few seconds! (This leads me to believe that pointers are simply being updated, rather than actual files and database being moved.)
  3. Log out, then log into the destination account to confirm the transfer.
  4. If the site’s DNS records were not at SiteGround, then update the DNS records with the new IP address, if necessary.

Your files, databases, email accounts, and SSL certs should all be migrated. Here’s SiteGround‘s article on this.

How Did it Go For You?

I was amazed at how easy this was when I transferred a WordPress site (and grateful that I didn’t have to manually migrate files and database!) Let me know how it worked for you! – Brian

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6 months ago

Thanks for the info Brian, does it move your Siteground email accounts as well? This maybe be a way to save on the renewal costs which are a big jump from when you 1st sign up. I am on Grow Big, so I just sign up a new Grow Big and transfer all my domains I take it? Cheers.

6 months ago
Reply to  Brian Shim

Thanks, Brian for doing the legwork ;-)

4 months ago
Reply to  Andy

Hello Andy, did it work well?

Andy Nock
Andy Nock
4 months ago
Reply to  Gustavo

Hi mate, it works great, but if you have many domains then it will be a pain as you have to wait 24 hours between each domain transfer :-(

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