The Best Accessibility Plugins for WordPress

No plugin can magically make your website accessible. But, these WordPress plugins can help.

Able Player – An Accessible Media Player

If you need an accessible media player on your site, check out the Able Player plugin. It features accessible controls for audio or video playback on your site.

Divi Accessibility ★ (GitHub)

This plugin fixes many of the accessibility problems with Divi, and lets you see where your site is in violation so you can fix others. For example, it has a tool that flags text that does not meet the minimum contrast requirement for readability. However, just installing this plugin won’t make your site 100% accessible!

Note, due to a complaint from Elegant Themes about “Divi” in the name, this plugin has moved to GitHub. But don’t let that deter you. This is a great tool to help your site become more accessible. I use it on virtually all of my Divi sites!

Check out more of my tips to make the Divi theme accessible.

One-Click Accessibility – A Free Accessibility Overlay

I do not recommend accessibility “overlay” services that claim to make your site instantly accessible by adding a few lines of code. However, if your client insists on using such a plugin, but isn’t willing to pay the fees of commercial solutions, this plugin mimics the functionality of Accessibe, UserWay, etc.

WP Accessibility – Legit WordPress Accessibility Fixes

This plugin by respected web accessibility consultant Joe Dolson fixes some of the technical accessibility problems with WordPress sites. It is NOT a 100% drop-in solution to make your site compliant with accessibility guidelines! Be wary of any accessibility plugin that makes such claims. Read more about the WP Accessibility plugin.

More Information on Website Accessibility

For more information and resources on web accessibility, see my accessibility checklist.

Questions? Comments? Please leave a comment below! – Brian


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