Tips and Tricks to Make Your Squarespace Website More Accessible

Compliance with web accessibility regulations is super important these days. The accessibility compliance of websites built on Squarespace varies depending on which template you’re using. Here are some tips and tricks to fix the accessibility errors that you might find in various Squarespace templates. As part of my testing, I use the WAVE browser extension … Read more

The Best Accessibility Plugins for WordPress

Handicap parking space, Photo by AbsolutVision on Unsplash

No plugin can magically make your website accessible. But, these WordPress plugins can help. Able Player – An Accessible Media Player If you need an accessible media player on your site, check out the Able Player plugin. It features accessible controls for audio or video playback on your site. Divi Accessibility ★ (GitHub) This plugin … Read more

20 Ways to Make Your Divi Website More Accessible

Divi Accessibility

Web Accessibility compliance has become a “must” in today’s world, not only to serve your visitors but also to avoid expensive litigation by accessibility trolls. The Divi Theme/Builder is one of the most popular WordPress frameworks out there, yet, out of the box, it is not accessible, unfortunately. In this article, I’ll give you some … Read more

How to Improve the Accessibility of the Divi Slider Module Using Just CSS

Divi slider with white background for dot navigation

Out of the box, the Divi Slider Module has many gross accessibility violations. The keyboard control is poor because you can’t see what you’re selecting as you’re tabbing through the navigation controls. And, the dot and arrow navigation symbol contrast can be bad. For an example of an accessible slider, check out W3C’s demo. In … Read more