The Best Ad Insertion Plugins for WordPress

These are plugins that help you insert ad code into your content manually. There are plugins that auto-insert ads in your content, but I believe that hand-inserting them gives the cleanest results.


Allows you to place your own ads on a site using a shortcode. Ads can rotate through the same location on your site. Includes analytics capabilities. Great if you’re selling ad space on your website to clients.

WP Simple Adsense Insertion

Gives you a shortcode to easily insert Google Adsense ads (or any other ad code) anywhere you want in your content. 

Reusable Blocks (Gutenberg)

For Gutenberg sites, I just use native Reusable Blocks for my ad inserts. No need for an ad insertion plugin on Gutenberg.

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David Lain
David Lain
1 day ago

Very helpful! Monetizing a WordPress site with ads can be tricky, but your list of plugins makes it easier. Thanks for simplifying the process!