The Best Multilingual Plugin for WordPress: Polylang vs. TranslatePress vs. WPML

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If you want your WordPress site to be in different languages, there are a lot of plugins to choose from. Here’s my take on three of the most popular ones. Polylang Polylang has both free and paid versions. Polylang sets up alternate versions of pages for each language that you want to translate. These alternate … Read more

Tips and Tricks to Make Your Squarespace Website More Accessible

Compliance with web accessibility regulations is super important these days. The accessibility compliance of websites built on Squarespace varies depending on which template you’re using. Here are some tips and tricks to fix the accessibility errors that you might find in various Squarespace templates. As part of my testing, I use the WAVE browser extension … Read more

The Best WordPress Backup Plugins

Keeping backups of any website you maintain is absolutely essential. I make sure backups are done both at the server level and at the WordPress plugin level. My Two “Go To” WordPress Backup Plugins All-In-One WP Migration ★ This is now the backup plugin that I use the most. Very easy to use and reliable … Read more

The Best Plugins for Debugging WordPress

These are some invaluable plugins for debugging, developing, and monitoring WordPress sites. Debugging Database Queries Debug This See exactly what query WordPress is running. Great for debugging WordPress query problems in your code. Query Monitor Similar to Debug This, but this has more emphasis on the WP queries on your site. Very useful. WP phpMyAdmin A lifesaver … Read more

Some Really Useful Gutenberg Block Plugins That You Should Try

Check out these Gutenberg Block plugins that add new block functionality to WordPress. Accordion Blocks Adds the much-needed accordion block to Gutenberg. You need to style it yourself using your own style sheet, but it’s lightweight and just works. Block Visibility Schedule when any Gutenberg block is displayed and to whom, or hide it altogether. … Read more

How I Migrated a WordPress Multisite Network to Local WP

Someone described WordPress Multisite as the “bastard child” of WordPress, and I think that is an accurate description. I’ve burned many hours dealing with the quirks of Multisite, and this is one of them. If you look at Local WP’s official docs on how to migrate a Multisite to local, you’ll see the painful instructions … Read more

The Best WordPress Migration Plugins

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Check out these plugins for migrating to and from WordPress, or between servers. Whole-Site WordPress Migrations These plugins will migrate your WordPress site from one server to another. All In One WP Migration ★ (requires payment for restoring files over 512MB) Install this plugin at your source, download an archive file, then import that file … Read more

The Best WordPress Multisite Migration and Management Plugins

I don’t recommend WordPress Multisite except for some very specific use cases. Read why here. If you must use Multisite, here are some plugins that can help. Multisite Migration Plugins Many of the most popular WordPress migration plugins don’t work on Multisite (at least most free versions don’t). Here are some plugins, paid and free, … Read more

The Best Plugins to Improve and Manage Your WordPress Posts

Check out these plugins to manage and improve your WordPress posts. Post Appearance Add Widget After Content Does just what it says. Great for adding email subscription forms right after your article content. Advanced Excerpt Use if you want more control over your post excerpts, like adding HTML. Secondary Title It’s good practice to have … Read more

The Best Privacy (GDPR/CCPA) Plugins for WordPress

Compliance with privacy laws is an important consideration for almost any website these days. Here are some plugins that can help you comply. Best Paid Solution Termageddon This is probably the closest thing to the “industry standard”. If you polled web developers for their preferred privacy solution, you’d probably get Termageddon as the winner. Cost … Read more

The Best WordPress Search Plugins

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The default WordPress search is bare-bones and leaves much to be desired. These plugins improve the WordPress search results and appearance. Better Search ★ One reviewer said this plugin should be standard for all WordPress installs. It’s a lightweight plugin that improves the search results appearance by highlighting the search terms, and sorting by relevance, … Read more

The Best WordPress Security Plugins

Any serious strategy for WordPress security should involve solutions at the server level. Still, these plugins can provide additional security benefits. Security and Scanning Plugins Ninja Firewall / Ninja Scanner I haven’t tried this plugin myself yet, but it comes highly recommended and has rave reviews. It processes incoming HTTP requests before most of the … Read more

The Best Social Media Sharing and Feed WordPress Plugins

These are the best WordPress plugins for displaying social sharing buttons and social feeds that I’ve found. Monarch (Paid Plugin) This is one of my “go-to” social media plugins which comes with a Divi subscription. Displays click counts. You can place the sharing buttons on a variety of locations, including floating on the sides. You … Read more

The Best Plugins to Control User Access in WordPress

These plugins help you manage WordPress user roles, so you can control what capabilities different users have. Managing User Capabilities Members Creates a new “Roles” admin menu item under “Users” that allows you to edit the capabilities of all WordPress roles, and to create new ones with custom capabilities. PublishPress Permissions Allows you to enable … Read more