The Best Plugins to Control User Access in WordPress

These plugins help you manage WordPress user roles, so you can control what capabilities different users have.

Managing User Capabilities


Creates a new “Roles” admin menu item under “Users” that allows you to edit the capabilities of all WordPress roles, and to create new ones with custom capabilities.

PublishPress Permissions

Allows you to enable or deny viewing or editing access to post, pages, etc. by any user or group of users.

User Access Manager

This is a more advanced user access plugin for when you need the big guns.  This allows you to put users and any post type or page in groups. Then, only people in those groups can edit that content. Can also limit visibility on the front-end as well. It’s kind of tricky to set up due to minimal documentation, but if you fiddle with the settings (a lot) it will do what it claims. I haven’t found a comparable free plugin that does this.

User Role Editor

Pretty much required if you use Ultimate Member on Multisite and want local admins to be able to approve or edit users. Also great for creating new user roles with specific limited capabilities.

Managing New Users

Temporary Login Without Password

This plugin is a great way to give someone, like a plugin developer, temporary access to your site admin. You can even create a single URL that logs them in.


Oh man, this plugin is a lifesaver if you’ve ever been in this situation: You’ve created a new user and had the site email them their password.  The problem is, they didn’t receive the email. Now you’re stuck. Their account isn’t activated so you can’t reset their password.  You can’t even delete their account.  You have to wait a few DAYS to try again.  This plugin lets you see all unconfirmed users and manually confirm them, so you can re-send the email or create a new password for them. Invaluable!

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