The Most Useful Divi Plugins

These are some of the most useful plugins for the Divi builder that I’ve seen. They work great with the Divi Theme or Divi Builder Plugin.

Divi Accessibility ★ (GitHub)

This plugin fixes many of the accessibility problems with Divi, and lets you see where your site is in violation so you can fix others. For example, it has a tool that flags text that does not meet the minimum contrast requirement for readability. However, just installing this plugin won’t make your site 100% accessible! (For example, there’s a problem with keyboard accessibility of Divi Tabs). Note, due to a complaint from Elegant Themes about “Divi” in the name, this plugin has moved to GitHub. But don’t let that deter you. This is a great tool to help your site become more accessible.

See my tips for making the Divi builder more accessible.

Divi Extended

This paid plugin has some useful modules such as timeline, logo slider, gallery, content toggle, and testimonial slider.

Divi Bars ★ (part of Divi Life)

This is not a free plugin, but it’s useful for adding a thin slide-in bar along the top or bottom of your site for announcements, etc. I use this on almost every Divi site that I create for clients.

The lifetime license for the Divi Life suite includes Divi Overlays (popups) below, Mega Menu, Logo Swap, and Coming Soon modules.

Divi Overlays (part of Divi Life)

Wow, really good-looking, flexible, and easy-to-use popup maker for Divi. These have really nice background and animation options, much more so than typical popup plugins. Not free, but super useful. I did find a bug where a CSS class would not trigger an overlay; I created a ticket and they had a new build back to me in fewer than 24 hours (turned out it was related to Divi’s big performance theme update). Another time I found a bug where the second popup on a page wouldn’t trigger and they gave me a fix in less than 12 hours!

Divi Blog (from Divi Gear)

Solves the problem of customizing blog feeds. The two default Divi blog feed layouts just don’t cut it most of the time. This lets you create some really awesome customized blog feed layouts!

Divi Carousel (from Divi Gear)

Create different types of carousels for images, logos, etc. with tons of customization. Cost is very reasonable at $29 for a lifetime license for unlimited sites – a no-brainer. They also make a Divi Blog Carousel plugin.

Divi Machine ★ (from Divi Engine)

This paid plugin is the de-facto standard solution for displaying custom posts with custom fields with filtering on a Divi site. A “must have” if you want to do custom repeaters and/or custom fields. Create your feed element in the Divi library, then use it in a feed. There is an unlimited LTD for 260 UK pounds. Here’s an interview with the developer.

Simple Divi Shortcode

This plugin allows you to instantiate any item from your Divi library using a shortcode. I use it to place Divi elements inside of other Divi elements such as accordions or tabs. Note, there is a way to instantiate Divi sections without a plugin but it doesn’t work as reliably when embedded inside of other Divi elements; use the plugin instead.

Divi Toolbox

Paid plugin with some useful tweaks to Divi including new header, sidebar, mobile menu, blog feed, and footer settings as well as page transition pre-loaders, popups, particle backgrounds, and cool hover effects.

Divi Torque

Really amazing FREE plugin with lots of useful Divi modules. One that I use the most is their Logo Carousel. It’s just amazing that this plugin is free!


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