The Best Redirection Plugins for WordPress

The most performant way of doing URL redirections is at the server level. But, sometimes, the convenience of using a plugin is more important than speed. These are some WordPress redirection plugins that I recommend.


The Redirection plugin is a quick and easy way to redirect URLs in WordPress. For complex redirections, you can use regular expressions.

Redirects are logged so that you know if they are working, and whether they are still necessary.

One really cool feature of Redirection is that it allows you to export your redirection code for Apache or NGINX, so that you can do your redirects at the server level, then deactivate the Redirection plugin. Very cool!

Page Links To

This plugin redirects the URL of any Post or Page (or custom post type) with an alternate link that you can specify. This is great for portfolio pages where you want the project images to link to an external URL, not a page on your own site! (Note that Yoast SEO has this functionality built-in).

Let me know if you have any questions below in the comments! – Brian


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