The Best Plugins to Improve and Manage Your WordPress Posts

Check out these plugins to manage and improve your WordPress posts.

Post Appearance

Add Widget After Content

Does just what it says. Great for adding email subscription forms right after your article content.

Advanced Excerpt

Use if you want more control over your post excerpts, like adding HTML.

Secondary Title

It’s good practice to have a subtitle for your posts and pages. This plugin adds a new subtitle field for just that purpose.

WP Sticky Sidebar

Works great to make your sidebar “sticky” as the user scrolls down!

Post Management

Post Types Order

This plugin adds a cool drag-and-drop interface to the admin to order your Posts any way you want. It also works with custom post types. This is a “must-have” on most of my sites.

Post Type Switcher

This is a handy little plugin that switches post types, whether it is a custom post type, post, or page to anything else. One cool feature is the bulk switcher that lets you switch a whole page of posts.

Yoast Duplicate Post

Great if you need to make copies of pages, posts, or even custom post types (when set up to allow that). Will even copy custom fields! Another plugin that does this well is Post Duplicator. Jetpack also has this functionality built in now.

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