The Best WordPress Multisite Migration and Management Plugins

I don’t recommend WordPress Multisite except for some very specific use cases. Read why here. If you must use Multisite, here are some plugins that can help.

Multisite Migration Plugins

Many of the most popular WordPress migration plugins don’t work on Multisite (at least most free versions don’t). Here are some plugins, paid and free, that can get the job done:

Duplicator Pro ★ (paid)

Only the paid version works on Multisite, but it’s amazing. Great for backing up or migrating Multisite installs. They have a lifetime deal that is worth every penny if you are a web developer. Can even migrate a subsite to a stand-alone site.

All-in-One WP Migration (requires paid extension)

All-in-One WP Migration is an outstanding backup/migration plugin. It’s fast and works where other migration plugins have failed me.

It also works great for Multisite and allows you to migrate sub-sites to their own stand-alone sites. But unfortunately, the Multisite extension is a whopping $319 per year – only viable if you are doing a lot of multisite migrations.

BackWPUp Pro (paid)

The paid version of BackWPUp supports Multisite. I haven’t used this one though. The ratings are quite good if you exclude the whiners complaining about having to pay to restore backups.

Prime Mover – FREE!

This is a rare free migration plugin that does support Multisite! You can migrate from a sub-site to a stand-alone site, or vice versa! Or migrate a sub-site from one network to another. Very impressive for a free plugin!

The one time I tried it, however, it failed to migrate a custom post type. But, it’s worth trying before paying for a migration plugin.

Multisite Management Plugins

Multisite Plugin Manager

If you go to your Network Admin -> Settings -> Network Settings and scroll to the bottom, you can turn on or off visibility of plugins to the child sites. But what if you want some plugins visible to local admins and others not? Use Multisite Plugin Manager to do this.

NS Cloner

This is a great little tool toduplicate a subsite within the same Multisite network.  Great for replicating sites on your network.

Unfiltered MU

This one has a niche use. I discovered that WordPress filters out HTML tags for Multisite regular Admins (but not Super Admins) from posts and other text fields. This is annoying and prevents regular admins from adding Google Analytics code, for example, to a theme’s admin field. This plugin undoes that “feature”.

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