The Best WordPress Menu Plugins

These two WordPress menu plugins have been really useful to me!

Max Mega Menu

Look no further than this plugin if you need a menu on your site, whether it is a mega menu or a normal menu! It provides a menu with accessibility support (unlike the native Oxygen Builder menus, for example).

Easy to install with lots of configuration options. It can insert itself wherever you have an existing menu, or you can instantiate it with a shortcode or PHP. Really great!

Category Posts in Custom Menus

This is an “unsung hero” in my option, as far as plugins are concerned.

In your category menu items, this allows you to have a dropdown menu with a preset number of posts from that category automatically populated! When you add more posts, the dropdowns will automatically update. I use it on this site.

Sadly, it doesn’t work with the Divi theme for some reason, but I use it on my other blogs.

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