My Recommended Web Hosting Services in 2024

Through my clients, I have encountered tons of web hosting services. Some are great, while many are awful.

Based on my experience as a full-time web developer, these are the web hosting services that I use and recommend:

VPS Web Hosting

I use Gridpane for all of my personal sites (including this one) and my high-traffic clients for its speed and reliability. Gridpane is a hosted control panel that makes server management easy. I use it with Vultr VPS hosting (purchased separately).

Vultr’s servers are blazingly fast and reliable, and Gridpane’s customer support is great. Use Gridpane with Vultr if you need the ultimate speed, as far as site load time is concerned.

Shared Web Hosting

I use SiteGround shared hosting for my client sites with moderate traffic. Their servers are fast, and their reliability is superb. And they offer free SSL certs which are relatively easy to set up with one click, daily backups for 30 days, and one-click staging sites.

High-End Managed WordPress Hosting

For high-end managed WordPress hosting, I recommend WP Engine, also with built-in staging sites.

Disclosure: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. I test or research each service before endorsing it. I own this site and the opinions expressed here are mine.

Low-Cost Web Hosting Service

For my clients with very low budgets, i.e., hobbyist sites, personal portfolios of clients just starting out, personal blogs, etc., I recommend Namecheap. Namecheap is known for domain name hosting, but their web hosting is actually pretty awesome for the price.

Site Builder Service

If you can’t or just don’t want to do a full-custom website, there are many site builder services out there that let non-developers build great-looking sites. If you have a purely informational site without a lot of custom features, this might be the right option for you.

I recommend and use Squarespace for clients who are in that situation:

Domain Name Hosting

Your domain name is one of the most valuable components of your web presence. It’s best to register it yourself at a domain name hosting company – don’t let your web developer “take care” of this!

I recommend NameCheap for quality affordable domain name hosting (about half the cost of Go Daddy):

I’ve also heard great things about Porkbun (yes, that is their name, but they are legit) domains and Google Domains.

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