What Is the Difference Between SiteGround Web Hosting vs. SiteGround WordPress Hosting?

by | Last updated Oct 1, 2022

I personally use and recommend SiteGround shared web hosting for WordPress sites because their servers are fast and reliable, the cost is reasonable, and their support is good.

But, if you go on their website to pick web hosting for your WordPress site, you’ll find “Web Hosting” and “WordPress Hosting”. What’s the difference?

I was wondering that too so I messaged them. The answer is pretty simple and less than what you’d think.

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The Answer

SiteGround’s “WordPress Hosting” comes with WordPress pre-installed. That’s it.

Since you can easily install WordPress on their regular Web Hosting Plan, the two plans are pretty much the same.

I suspect they have the two plans for marketing reasons, to compete with other providers’ “WordPress Hosting” plans. But the truth is that you can install WordPress on either plan (or not). – Brian


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2 years ago

I started out with SiteGround when I first started blogging. However, I couldn’t afford their renewal rates and I had disabled the automatic renewal option. However, somehow the renewal option was re-enabled. Fortunately, I received notice about the renewal when it activated and I promptly requested a reverse of the charges.

Based on the auto-renewal experience, I wouldn’t do business with them again. Tech support was also not up to par with what they charge for their hosting plans in my opinion. The support I received wasn’t bad, but it could be better.


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