The Best Table and Tab Plugins for WordPress

These are some great shortcode-based table and tab plugins for WordPress

TablePress – Simple and Lightweight

This is my “go-to” plugin when I need a simple shortcode-based table on a site. These tables are not mobile responsive, but you could just set a minimum width on the container using CSS and have the user scroll from side to side for large tables.

Ninja Tables – Responsive and Full-Featured

If you need a more fully-featured table plugin, check out Ninja Tables. It features fully responsive tables that stack on mobile. Fully compatible with Fluent Forms as well.

There are free and paid versions of this plugin.

Tabby Responsive Tabs – Simple Shortcode-Based Tabs

If you need a really simple tab shortcode plugin, this one does the trick. It’s easy to use and lightweight. Plus, there are cute cats on the info page! Great unless you need to use the same tabs in multiple places on your site, in which case you should use a tab plugin that utilizes a custom post type for the tabs.

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