The Best Social Media Sharing and Feed WordPress Plugins

These are the best WordPress plugins for displaying social sharing buttons and social feeds that I’ve found.

Monarch (Paid Plugin)

This is one of my “go-to” social media plugins which comes with a Divi subscription.

Displays click counts. You can place the sharing buttons on a variety of locations, including floating on the sides. You can see examples in my home page blog.

Scriptless Social Sharing

This is a super lightweight plugin for displaying the major social network sharing buttons. It just works with no JavaScript and no hassles.

Note that it won’t show sharing buttons on any post feeds (such as on an archive page), and it doesn’t show share counts.

You can see examples at SwingDance.LA.

Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed

Wow, this is a great Instagram plugin that works really well. There are paid features but the free version is very usable. Very easy to connect to your Instagram account too.

For an example, check out the home page for Hope For LA.

Smash Balloon also makes a plugin for other social feeds, which I haven’t tried yet, but is highly rated.

Widgets for Google Reviews

This is a great plugin that lets you place feeds and carousels of Google reviews on your site. You can filter only 4 and 5 star or only 5 star review. Connects directly to the Google API to automatically import reviews. It’s free and it just works!

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