How to Add a Poll (Questionnaire) to Your WordPress Site

A poll is a great way to increase user engagement on your site. You might even see increased sharing on social as people encourage others to vote.

These are some plugins that allow you to add a poll or questionnaire to your website:


WP-Polls is a good free plugin for generating a single poll question at a time. Simply create your poll, then add it to the desired post or page using a shortcode.

After voting, users can see the current poll results.

After you close the poll, the results will be displayed where the poll question was. You can see an example of a closed poll at SwingDance.LA.

While this plugin is handy for displaying a single poll question, it’s not so great if you need multiple polls. For that I would recommend a more fully featured form plugin.

Fluent Forms Pro (paid)

For multiple polls and more advanced functionality, you can use a paid form plugin like Fluent Forms Pro. Whatever form plugin you use, make sure it has a way to display the form results (which Fluent Forms Pro does).

Please leave your questions or comments below! – Brian

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