The Best WordPress Migration Plugins

Check out these plugins for migrating to and from WordPress, or between servers.

Whole-Site WordPress Migrations

These plugins will migrate your WordPress site from one server to another.

All In One WP Migration ★ (requires payment for restoring files over 512MB)

Install this plugin at your source, download an archive file, then import that file into your destination WordPress site with the plugin installed and it will copy everything over. A painless way to migrate WordPress sites, especially when other plugins fail due to hosting limitations! Free version works for up to 512MB sites. Works where other migrations plugins fail. (Just remember to exclude migrating the mu-plugins directory).

WP Migrate DB Pro (free and paid)

This is an invaluable tool for keeping staging, dev, and production sites in sync. Originally created to migrate WP databases, it now handles everything including media files, theme files, plugins, etc.  It will automatically do a search-and-replace in the database if you need to migrate from dev to production or move to a new URL. Really kicking myself for not getting the lifetime deal on this when it was available, but it’s still worth every penny.

Image Migration

Auto Upload Images

Let’s say you’ve used the WordPress Importer to move some posts to a new site. The posts are migrated, but the image URLs are still pointing to the old site, and none of the images are actually migrated. The solution is the Auto Upload Images plugin! Just install it and re-save the post. All images will be migrated and URLs adjusted in that post like magic! Just be sure to deactivate it when done!

Blogger to WordPress Migration

Blogger Importer Extended

If you need to import a Blogger blog to WordPress, look no further than Blogger Importer Extended. The “recommended” importer didn’t work for me. This one imports not only the blog text, but also images (into the Media Library), comments, and tags! Wow!

E-Commerce Migration


If you need to migrate data from almost any e-commerce platform to another, check out Cart2Cart. It’s more of a service than a plugin, but it’s fully automated. I used it for a tricky migration of customers and orders from an extremely old WooCommerce site to Shopify, but it supports a lot of other platforms. Other apps failed while this one worked after a fix from their customer support folks. I know the site looks a bit sketchy (i.e., not perfect English grammar), but this company is legit and their customer service via chat was great. They have really useful test migrations so you can try before you buy. Highly recommended for e-commerce migrations!


Export All URLs

Exports all of your site’s URLs. Can limit to just Pages, Post, Products, or other types of posts. Useful when migrating a site and setting up redirects to the new site’s URLs.

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