The Best WordPress Image Optimization Plugins

These plugins will help you tame the size of your images and help your pages load faster.


Imsanity is a lightweight plugin that reduces the size of jpeg images as they are uploaded. It also can re-size existing images in your media library. If I don’t put this on my client’s sites, they will invariably upload full-size 5MB images from their iPhones.

Can also convert BMP and PNG to JPG, but not WebP unfortunately.

EWWW Image Optimizer

This plugin will limit uploaded image sizes and can convert them to webp format. It handles compatibility issues with Safari and IE, serving them regular jpegs and pngs when necessary.

Regenerate Thumbnails

Regenerates your image thumbnails according to the latest settings. You should do this every time you switch WP themes. In my case, I had a site that I switched to Divi. Divi couldn’t find its image sizes, so the full-sized images were served up. Regenerating thumbnails shaved off 2.7MB from the page size! Can also reduce the size of your media library files.

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