The Best Accessibility Plugins for WordPress

Handicap parking space, Photo by AbsolutVision on Unsplash

No plugin can magically make your website accessible. But, these WordPress plugins can help. Able Player – An Accessible Media Player If you need an accessible media player on your site, check out the Able Player plugin. It features accessible controls for audio or video playback on your site. Divi Accessibility ★ (GitHub) This plugin … Read more

20 Ways to Make Your Divi Website More Accessible

Divi Accessibility

Web Accessibility compliance has become a “must” in today’s world, not only to serve your visitors but also to avoid expensive litigation by accessibility trolls. The Divi Theme/Builder is one of the most popular WordPress frameworks out there, yet, out of the box, it is not accessible, unfortunately. In this article, I’ll give you some … Read more

Why I Switched from Evernote to OneNote and How to Migrate Your Notes

Photo of man typing on computer by Glenn Carsten-Peters on Unsplash

Evernote and OneNote are the two most popular cross-platform note-taking apps. In this article, I’ll compare features and tell why I switched from Evernote to OneNote. If you’re ready to migrate from Evernote to OneNote now, jump to this section on how to migrate. 2023 Evernote Update As of November 29th, 2023, Evernote has limited … Read more

How to Fix a Corrupted Database in eM Client

eM Client checking for corrupted database

Occasionally, the database of my eM Client Windows email app will get corrupted, usually after the power goes out unexpectedly. It’s easy to panic in this situation because it won’t let you view your email until the problem is fixed. But, it’s often not disastrous since you usually have a copy of your email in … Read more

How to Track Outbound Link Clicks in Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

Report showing outbound link clicks in GA4

Google Analytics 4 has the ability to natively track outbound link clicks without the use of JavaScript or Google Tag Manager. Unfortunately, it makes you jump through some hoops to see the data. In the article, I’ll explain how to set up a Google Analytics 4 Exploration to track outbound link clicks on your website. … Read more

How to Improve the Accessibility of the Divi Slider Module Using Just CSS

Divi slider with white background for dot navigation

Out of the box, the Divi Slider Module has many gross accessibility violations. The keyboard control is poor because you can’t see what you’re selecting as you’re tabbing through the navigation controls. And, the dot and arrow navigation symbol contrast can be bad. For an example of an accessible slider, check out W3C’s demo. In … Read more

How to Fix “500 Internal Server Error” When Trying to Log Into Your WordPress Site on Siteground

500 Internal Server Error on Siteground

Siteground is my “go-to” hosting provider for my clients. Their servers are reliable and fast, by shared hosting standards. But, I had one site on Siteground that gave s a “500 Internal Server Error” every few months when I tried to log into the admin of a client’s WordPress site. Or, sometimes I could log … Read more

How to Defeat Ad Blockers by Substituting Affiliate Links

F35 Fighter Jet

While everyone hates sites bristling with ads and popups, ad blockers are causing legitimate web content creators to suffer more and more lost income each day. Many of the traditional tactics to defeat adblockers, including putting up a paywall, hiding the site content until blockers are turned off, or just begging people to turn off … Read more

How to Use PHP to Interface with Zoho Analytics API / OAuth 2.0

Zoho API console screenshot

A PHP web app that I created using the Zoho Analytics (formerly Zoho Reports) API suddenly stopped working one day. Digging into the Zoho documentation, I discovered that they ended support for their “authtoken” authentication method (basically a password) and switched to OAuth 2.0. Hmmm… After looking into it, upgrading my app to be compatible … Read more

Generate PDFs Using Free Open-Source PHP Libraries

PHP to PDF generators

I recently had to figure out how to generate PDFs using PHP. There are tons of solutions out there, free and paid, with pros and cons. This is a summary of what I found out during my research, however, it’s by no means comprehensive. I basically stopped when I found solutions that satisfied my requirements. … Read more

Globally Disable Commenting in WordPress Without a Plugin


Surprisingly, I wasn’t able to find a native solution online to globally disable commenting on a WordPress website. WordPress doesn’t have a checkbox called “Globally Disable All Comments”. But, a quick and easy solution does exist which does not require a plugin! To be clear, I’m talking about still showing the existing comments, but not … Read more

How to Hide Taxonomy Meta Boxes from the WordPress Editor Sidebar

Remove WordPress meta fields from the editor

Here’s the situation: You’ve created some custom Taxonomies and custom Post Types using the Custom Post Type UI Plugin (or using PHP code). You’re using Advanced Custom Fields (or another plugin) to manage your Taxonomy settings, so you do NOT want those meta boxes to appear in the sidebar of the WordPress editor. I found … Read more

Oxygen vs. Divi: Which WordPress Builder Is Best?

Divi vs. Oxygen Builder

Divi is one of the most popular drag-and-drop WordPress builder themes out there today. As a long time Divi user myself, I was super excited (and envious) when I learned about some of the killer features of Oxygen, a newer WordPress builder that claims to create fast bloat-free code. After building a couple of sites … Read more

How to Give a WordPress Popup Maker Popup its Own URL for Sharing

Web development clients seem to love popups. They’re always asking me to add popups to websites. My “go to” solution for WordPress popups is the popular Popup Maker plugin. But, as explained in this article, WordPress Popup Maker has had its “popup” custom post type set to “private” since version 1.7. While there are cases … Read more