Some Useful Database Management Plugins for WordPress

Database Search and Replace

Better Search Replace

This is an easy-to-use database search-and-replace tool. I’ve used it to swap out shortcodes in the content, as well as to update URLs in the database before launching sites. There is a pro version that will show you a preview of the changes before executing, however, it doesn’t display the actual serialized string lengths properly (but they are properly written in the database). I also had one case where the pro version wouldn’t work but the free version would, ironically, perhaps due to the overhead of logging.

Bulk Delete and Database Cleanup

Bulk Delete

Use this if you need to delete all of your posts, pages, etc. Won’t work on images though.

Edit Custom Fields

This plugin allows you to delete unused custom fields in your database, simply for the purposes of reducing bloat. It’s up to you to know which fields are unused though. Can also edit custom names/keys. Needless to say, make a backup before using.

Slugs Manager (formerly called “Remove Old Slugs”)

After you change the slug of a page or post, the old one remains in the database, preventing you from using it on a different page or post. This plugin deletes old slugs from the database so you can use them on a new page or post.

WP Optimize

Remove old post revisions and spam comments to save space and speed up your site.  Run on an old side whose database has become bloated, then uninstall.

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