In this site I provide simple solutions to common questions about web development, such as “how do I add a comment wall to my website?” or “how do I add custom fonts on my website?”  Most of my articles are tailored to people who are not necessarily professional web designers, but who are nevertheless tasked with maintaining or creating a website.

I will use good programming practices, but I won’t dwell on the programming part.  My goal is to get you up and running as fast as possible with a minimum of hassle.

About Me

I am a web developer, programmer and designer.  I’ll be posting tips and tricks that I learn about in the course of my own work. Topics will include HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, jQuery, and any cool tools and widgets that I find on the Internet.

Some of my personal sites include:

About This Site

This site is based on a WordPress template.

Please feel free to post updates or corrections – I would love to learn from you!

I sincerely hope you find my posts useful!

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