Change Your PHP Max File Upload Size in GoDaddy Shared Linux Hosting

If you look up how to increase your PHP max file size, most sources will tell you to change the upload_max_filesize setting in your php.ini file.  Well, I did that and it still wasn’t working for me on my client’s shared GoDaddy Linux hosting.  So, I called them up and found the un-publicized “secret” way to do it in their control panel. It’s definitely not obvious or intuitive.  Here it is!

1. Log into your GoDaddy account.

2. In the “My Products” section, click “Manage” in the Web Hosting area to get to the cPanel.

3. In the cPanel, scroll down to the Software area. If you don’t see this, then your hosting is an older version, and you should try using the php.ini method to change your upload limits.

4. Here’s where it starts to get unintuitive.  Click “Select PHP Version”:
Godaddy PHP Version

5. In the upper right corner, click “Switch to PHP Options”:
GoDaddy PHP Options

6. You’ll see a list of your PHP options, including upload_max_filesize.  Click on the value and Save it.  If you are running WordPress and want to change this value for your Media Library uploads, you’ll also need to set the value of post_max_size accordingly.

GoDaddy max upload filesize

7. Voila! The value should be updated! You can check it by running phpinfo(); in a dummy file on the server, or if you’re running WordPress, by going into the Media Library and clicking “Add New”.

8. If it hasn’t changed, go back to cPanel in GoDaddy and click PHP Processes.  Once there, click the Kill Processes button (I know it sounds scary, but it will just halt currently viewed sites; it won’t do permanent damage).  Changes should appear after that.

Let me know if this worked for you! – Brian

21 thoughts on “Change Your PHP Max File Upload Size in GoDaddy Shared Linux Hosting

  1. Hi ya Brian! I’ve been searching for something like this for ages! Been looking at various Google pages, videos, had three birthdays while on hold to GoDaddy support and litterally while I was waiting for them, I saw your page and tried it… PERFECT! Thank you SO so much! If anyone is having the same problem, THIS IS THE SOLUTION!

  2. You are the best. Worked like charm after weeks of surfing the net and watching multiple videos all to know avail. Simple classy and cool. You the best

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